This is a model of Fillmore Lemon Association's #2 plant, built in 1924. The model is considerably diminished in size and I got the roof wrong.  When the parapet walls collapsed during the Northridge quake, a sawtooth roof was revealed! Ah, well.
The model is made from Strathmore art board, a technique nearly as old as the building. The Fillmore and Saticoy associations merged, which is why both names are on the building, and then I added a third when it moved to my mythical town of Arroyo. On the prototype, that lovely Mission-style false front with it's giant plaster lemon is gone, a victim of the earthquake. I modeled it by carving the shape into clay and using that as a mold.
Fillmore Packing Plantr #2 before & after 1994 Northridge earthquake
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Fillmore Lemon Packing Plant
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