Athearn did a decent job with Paul Lubliners F3's, though the assembly on mine was a bit sloppy with the adhesives and someone was sound asleep when they should have been checking the interior-the "dash" is a good two feet away from where it should be, under the window. I modified mine by lengthening and lowereing it and Model Railroader will publish the how-to soon, probably this summer.     
Modeling info:
The Broadway St. bridge crosses the Cornfield and Bullring yards, before it crosses the LA River. The plywood and styrene model I made is three feet long.  It neatly hides the fact that my yard goes right though the backdrop-the buildings and tracks seen under the bridge are actually on the other side of the sky backdrop! The how-to for this bridge is in the July, 2002 issue of Model Railroader. There's also a plan of the l.o. so you can see how it works.

This aerial view dates from the 1950's
These bright Southern Pacific PMT trailers were a common sight at stations, in yards and around town. I modeled mine by wrapping styrene around old Athearn trailers.  Microscale made the decals; tractors are from Ivers (the '49 White tilt-cab) and Walker Model ('47 International). I wrote about these in the November, 1990 MR.
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The monolithic Dayton Ave, Tower actually guarded the entrance to Taylor Yard, but I compressed all the downtown yards into one. The model used layers of styrene to get that poured-in-place concrete look. It has a removable tile roof and a seperate exterior staircase that was a bear to build. The article appeared in the May, 1992 Railroad Model Craftsman.

Dayton Ave. Tower, January, 1989