Take a quick tour of our forner LA garden (it was little and doesn't take long!)
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After our kids were grown, we decided we liked flowering plants better than turf and tore the lawn out, first from the front yard and then from the back. The back yard has a nice little patio in the sun, a fountain and lily pond, and tons of flowering perennials. The grove of small flowering trees in the very back are one of the best for a small garden, Sweetshade or Hymenosporum, with powerfull fragrant flowers (see below, at left). For more border flower photos, go here.

The front yard was dominated by a 1904 noisette rose named 'Crepescule' climbing up into a small  eucalyptus. Noisette roses were developed in the American South and the flowers on this one are a lovely apricot-yellow, that turn rich apricot in humid weather. We also grew vegetable here, in two raised beds, surrounded by herbs and other drought resistant things such as those 'Big Red' kangaroo paws, plus many California natives. The red climber in the background is a wonderful rose named 'Dortmund', which is nearly 25 years old in this photo, despite its small size--it would be hard to find a better rose for an entry. Since we've moved the garden has changed again, back came the front lawn for the new owners' children.  And round and round it will go I suspect.
Hymenosporum flavum, or Sweetshade