Life at the beach, Kingston WA
Seen during a good minus tide
The moon snail's  egg cases are called sea collars and are about a foot across (right). Eggs are in a mix of sand and a gelatin-like substance.
A Moon Snail (above) plows through the sand in search of clams, which they drill a hole in and suck dry. But the moon snails are also edible. Tenderize that big foot (below) and it's like abalone they say.
We find lots of crabs (most dead) and some huge sunflower starfish.
Geoduck  clam siphons (they squirt, watch out!). The name comes from the Nisqually for "dig deep" since they may be 3-4 feet deep!
I want to get rid of these two old tires but are they now protected habitat? They certainly support a lot of life.
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