Some recent articles in the LA Times:
Visit cemetary
Sacramento's Old City Cemetary is filled with elegant old roses. Ran April 25, 2002.
Click here to see a few of the roses growing here.
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April is tulip time at Helen Crawford's. Ran April 4, 2002. To see a few more photos, click here.
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Mourning Cloak Ranch is a lovely garden in the Tehachapis that you can visit. Ran June 20, 2002. Click here to visit.
Bonfante Gardens
Bonfante Gardens on "Gardener's Days" makes a fun weekend excursion. Ran June 6, 2002. Click here to see more of this unusual theme park in the garlic town of Gilroy.
A New Zealand sedge looks frothy growing in a meadow of creeping red fescue in Ellen Hoffs garden of grass.
Ran March 4, 2003.
To see more click here.
Carex buchanii
Noisettes are an old class of roses that do surpringly well in Southern California, considering they were developed in France.  Maureen McMorrow is a real fan. Ran August 28, 2003. To see more, click here.
For the Travel Section, we went fishin' on the mighty Kern. Ran January 11, 2004. To see more (including what I caught), click here.
Designer Judy Horton celebrates winter in her garden. Ran January 22, 2004. To see more of her garden click here.
Narcissus Tete-a-tete
There are bulbs that reliably return each fall and bloom in spring... no need to dig or divide, just leave them alone. Some are discussed in an October 28, 2004 article. Click here for a list of the best.
I wrote about the spring flowers I grow in the backyard, in a March 23, 2006 article for the Home section.
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