The H.O. Norman Store
This was a fun model of a building in downtown LA that never found a home on my layout. The idea was to have one model of how it looked in the 1950's and then swap it out for this model of the same building in the 1970's when I wanted to run more modern equipment, a nice idea that was obviously going to be way too much work! But I enjoyed making the model with its faded old painted sign, which oddly said "H.O. Norman" (how did they know I was going to model it in HO?) and it's conservative brick trim, now boldly painted and boarded up in it's changed neighborhood.  There was some graffiti on the real building so I copied it and the painted address points to the door leading upstairs, probably for the UPS guy since it was being used as a warehouse. Note the stucco already falling off, the old Venetian blinds upstairs and the push plate on the door. This is pretty much how the real store looked in the late 1970's.
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