moving &
then rebuilding
the layout in  
It's a work in progress and it's going to be a lot smaller. But I've managed to fit most of my
favorite buildings on it's 4 (at its very widest) by 14 foot top. I saved one section of my old
layout, with lots of paving and sidewalks and space for the structures, and carefully packed it
for moving (
top photos). Then I built trapazoidal benchwork and made the top roughly
boomerang shaped. A river or Arroyo divides the layout into two parts, so I could use some
bridges. I had to redo the far left side of the part I saved since it formerly disappeared into a
tunnel as it continued around the layout but now dies out in some tunnel-like loading docks.
at right), one of which is modeled after the Mission Furniture Co. in downtown LA.

Below, you can see how it turned out or go to how it looks now (October, 2012)
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I moved my great uncle's sheet metal
shop (
above, right) from downtown
San Francisco to downtown Los
Angeles, right near City Hall in fact,
and just behind it is Mission Furniture's
loading dock. The covered dock
belongs to a food warehouse.
I also moved Dayton Ave. Tower (
) from near the LA River to near
the arroyo. Two bridges will span it.
The SW-1 is moving a war emergency
caboose, which is just about to be
phased out as new cabooses arrive.
Interestingly, the city also moved the
cast concrete tower to a new location,
as impossible as that might sound.
Screwing on a piece of cheap
mahogany ply to protect the top.