Meconopsis nepalensis flower
Meconopsis nepalensis in pot
Meconopsis napaulensis
Google photos of meconopsis and you'll find several names for this plant but I think  it's M. napaulensis with pale lemon flowers and toothed leaves with reddish bristles. That's what it's most often sold as. In the soft muffled Northwest sun the hairs are quite dense and the whole plant glows golden. In shade it is less so.  It  is monocarpic so it dies after flowering. Mine set tons of seed. It is so handsome as a young plant that I don't mind starting all over again. It took two seasons of growing in a pot for it to flower. The flowering stem is about 3' tall, in a pot, blooming in late May. Now, if I could just be sure it isn't  M. paniculata!  Wish I'd paid more attention in botany.
Meconopsis napaulensis looks great with 'Gold Heart' dicentra (in background). Makes our deck glow.