November, 1987
The Rat Hole Job
In downtown LA, at the beginning of what was known by switcing crews as the Rat Hole Job, a spur curved off Alameda St. near Second and into the covered loading dock of the Hass, Baruch Co. groceries warehouse, while another spur swung dramatically alongside the neighboring Davies Warehouse and then into yet another covered loading dock. From there the tracks continued to squiggle and squirm between tall buildings into the center of the old commercial area so switching it probably felt like crawling though a rat hole. All of these building were knocked down a few years after the 1987 Whittier Narrows earthquake. They paved this train watching paradise and put in a parking lot but the sections of the curving track are still embedded in Alameda St.
Hop in the cab and ride with us down the Davies Warehouse spur (at right).
Wig-wags signals protected a few of  the many street crossings.
These warehouses for a wire and rope company and Neptune Meters were on the other side of the street from Haas.
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