Déjà vu
Los Angeles Moves to
Washington State
I brought a piece of Los Angeles with me
when we moved to Washington state.  I
saved a section of downtown LA, so I
could preserve the streets, sidewalks
and foundations. I packed the buildings
separately and protected the piece I had
cut out (
to see how, click here).  I had to
redo all of the track work since there is
no saving old ballasted track and I redid
one corner completely with new
buildings. At the other end I turned the
mighty Los Angeles River into a mostly
dry arroyo and on the other side of the
bridges is the town of Arroyo modeled
after the town of Fillmore were that great
lemon packing plant was located.  I

finally finished that section in 2013,
except for two choice corner lots. I'm
looking for tenants and I've had some
interest from an A&W franchise. Seems
perfect for a gas station but I'm pretty
particular about who I lease to. That odd
little building in the far right corner is  a
covered water tank, found in many
California orchards.
It gets a little tight in some of
these older parts of town
where tracks are still in the
street, even if many are
unused by 1954. There are
even spots of old brick
paving and cobblestones.