Hi and welcome. For many years I wrote about gardens for Sunset Magazine and then the Los Angeles Times as their garden editor. Click here to see some gardens reported on in the not-too-distant past. I've also worked for public television's The Victory Garden, as their west coast host. I'm retired from both and
now live in Washington state.

This little web site lets me show off our smallish former W.L.A. garden and some of its choicest plants, and the new but very young Puget Sound garden. I'm slowly updating it
to reflect these changes.
If you need to get in touch with me,
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All photos copyright 2008-2012 Robert Smaus
Our new place (above) on 10 acres with cedars, rock outcroppings, granite benches and other fun stuff. The house was owned by a  mason and has a view of distant mountains.  We're having fun landscaping around all his wonderful rocks (below) .

Index of pages:

Welcome to my little site
Take a quick tour of our former garden in LA
The border in back
The new garden in Washington

A few of my last  articles, including
A winter garden
Noisette roses
A garden of grasses
Old roses in Sacramento’s Old City Cemetery
A tulip garden
For Travel:
Kern River adventure
A visit to Bonfante Gardens amazing trees
Mr. Delphinium--1938 Frank Reinelt article
Some wildflower photos can be found at
Carrizo Plain pages
Death Vally
Baby Blue Eyes page (my favorite!)
What Phacelia?
And now in the Northwest:
Fall color in the Northwest
Some NW gardens on tour a few years back.
Meconopsis nepalensis
Evergreen Arboretum conifers
Two nearby WA parks,
Foulweather Bluff and  Olalla.
Bob goes to the
Forest Festival
We play on the beach below our (former) rental
Tiny birds at our feeder

Gardening is not my only hobby, I also got hooked
on modeling 1950's Los Angeles railroads.
To see this HO train layout,
click here. It too has moved and is currently under construction, though it is going to be MUCH smaller owing to the 10 acres
We have bears in our backyard, trilliums in the woods and wonderful fall color. Even a little occasional snow. Fun!  And quite a change!
We even inherited a few troughs chiseled out of solid granite (at right). That's the December blooming hellebore named 'Joshua' (below).